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WPOP 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n Roll Reunion

August 16, 2008. Hartford, Connecticut..

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Jay and Anita Brown Schultz, Kim Prario-Bellizia, Rick Sullivan. Seated at left: Tracy Carman. At bar: Del Raycee, Brandon Kampe.

Country Paul Payton, Becky and Brian Caldwell, Tracy Carman.

Dave Overson, Jr.   Seated in background: Rick Walsh, Debbie Horn.

Seated: Gary Girard, Frank Holler, Randy Brock. Standing: Bill Hennessey and Ed Brouder.

Jay Schultz, Kim Prario-Bellizia, Rick Sullivan.

Rick Sullivan, Lee Gordon. At the bar: Lois Girard, "Tank" Brock.

Hartford radio historians Ed Brouder, Bill Hennessey, Brandon Kampe. Seated in foreground: Randy Brock.

"Beef" Stew Crossen, Jim Bleikamp, Susan Criscione, Country Paul Payton.

Jay Schultz, Rick Sullivan, Kim Prario-Bellizia (back to camera), Anita Brown Schultz, Matt Fleury.

Jack Broitman a/k/a/ Jack Brooks, Ed Brouder, Del Raycee.

Rick Sullivan, Matt Fleury, Kim Prario-Bellizia. In background: Anita Brown Schultz (left), Gary Lee Horn (right).

John Ramsey, Rick Walsh, Debbie Horn, Christine Schrager.

Matt Fleury, Jackie Quinn Dostie, Pat Atkinson. At bar: Steve Parker.

Steve Parker, Cheryl Carabillo, Glenn Yaffa.

Tom McCormack.

John Fleming, Bill Hennessey, Al Cohen, Brandon Kampe.

Randy Borovsky, Steve Parker, Rick Walsh, Christine Schrager. Seated in background: John Ramsey, Frank Clifford. Seated in foreground: Paul Payton, Dave Overson.

Foreground: Jay Schultz, Stew Crossen, Anita Brown Schultz. Background: (left) Ed Brouder, Brian Caldwell, (center) Bruce Kampe, Kim Prario-Bellizia, (right) Jim Bleikamp, Susan Criscione, (obscured by tree) Pat Atkinson, (back to camera) Jim Esposito.

Current WPOP engineers Rick Walsh and John Ramsey hang 70s era banner as Randy Brock and Gary Girard look on.

Tammy Rabbett. In background Hal "Judge Harrigan" Whitney and Bill Hennessey.

Al Cohen (started in Hartford radio in 1937; worked at WPOP predecessor WGTH in 1954) and Jack "Brooks" Broitman.

Foreground: Becky and Brian Caldwell with Tom "Tomo" McCormack. Behind them: Marty Moran (partially obscured) chats with Stew Crossen and Anita Brown Schultz. Farther back at right: Frank Holler.

Glenn Yaffa, Al Cohen, Brandon Kampe.

Matthew "Tank" Brock, his dad Randy Brock and Bill Hennessey chat with Ed Brouder (back to camera). In background: Tammy Rabbett and Glenn Yaffa.

Faces visible left to right: Steve Parker, Dave Overson, Bill Hines, Pat Atkinson (partially obscured) Jackie Quinn Dostie, Matt Fleury.

Seated, foreground: Gary Girard and Tom McCormack. Standing: Sheldon "Sunny" Shores, Ed Brouder, Country Paul Payton. Seated, back left: Tracy Carman.

Cheryl Carabillo, Tammy Rabbett, Bill Hennessey, Glenn Yaffa.

Debbie Horn, Doug Taylor, Gary Lee Horn.

Cheryl Carabillo.

Bill Hines (back to camera) chats with Betty Martin Fleming. At bar: Linda Davidson Tabil & daughter, Frank Holler.

Lois Girard, Gary Girard, Steve Parker. Seated, background left: Frank Holler. Seated back right: diners, not with us.

Lois and Gary Girard, "Brother" Jack Carney, Bill Hennessey, "Beef" Stew Crossen.

Steve Parker and Joanne Nesti. In background: Frank Holler.

Kathy Browne and Steve Parker. In background: Jerry Kristafer and John Fleming.

Cheryl Carabillo, Tammy Rabbett, Gail Mostachetti Olson.

Jackie Quinn Dostie and Joe D'Ambrosio.

Country Paul Payton, "Brother" Jack Carney, Jackie Quinn Dostie, Frank Holler, Lee Gordon.

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