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WPOP Summer Party & Hartford Radio Reunion

August 22, 2009. Harbor Park, Middletown, Connecticut..

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Early arriving crowd.

Greg Gilmartin, Jay McSorley, Bill Hennessey.

Dick McDonough, Fredyne Pell.

Barry & Claudia Feeney Bernstein, Bill Davies.

Country Paul Payton.

Diane Minney Taranto.

Lee Gordon.

Ron & Fredyne Pell, Beth Lockwood Cunningham.

Dave Overson, Bill Hennessey.

Steve Parker, Bill Davies.

Dave Overson, Bill Hennessey, Al Cohen.

Steve Parker, Nacie Keyes Ingram.

Jay McSorley, Rick Sullivan, Diane Taranto.

Glenn Yaffa, Linda Sullivan.

The bar crowd.

Nancie Keyes Ingram, Glenn Yaffa, Bill Davies.

Lois & Gary Girard, Bill Hennessey.

Bill Davies, Claudia Feeney Bernstein, Lee Gordon, Lois Girard, Gary Girard, Nancie Keyes Ingram.

More patio partiers.

Jay McSorley, Greg Gilmartin, Nancie Keyes Ingram.

Steve Parker, Glenn Yaffa, Susan Bailey.

Beth Lockwood Cunningham, Bruce Verlato.

Uncle Dave Nagel, Steve Parker.

Steve Parker, Tammy Rabbett.

Jim Bleikamp.

Still more patio partiers.

Pam Kowar.

Jim Esposito, Ron Pell.

Mark & Batia Geschwind, Susan Bailey .

Susan Bailey, Mark Geschwind.

Ken Margolfo, Mark Geschwind.

Dave Overson.

Barry Bernstein, Tammy Rabbett, Rick Sullivan.

Jim Esposito, Bill Davies.

Jim Esposito, Mona (DuBois) & Jim Downey.

Susan Saks, Marty Moran, Jim Bleikamp, Tammy Rabbett.

Pam Kowar, Lee Gordon.

Mark Geschwind, Tomo & Pat McCormack.

Ken Margolfo, Bruce Verlato, Mark Geschwind, Susan Bailey, Tom & Pat McCormack.

Tom McCormack, Bill Davies.

Pat & Tom McCormack.

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